Fist of Fury II

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Fist of Fury II (1977, HK) is a Brucesploitation-Martial Arts film directed by Tso Nam Lee/Iksan Lahardi.

Fist of Fury II

Main Details

  • Released in 1977 | Color
  • Running Time: 104 Min.
  • Distribution Co: 21st Century Distribution (1979) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed) | Totem
  • Directed by Tso Nam Lee/Iksan Lahardi
  • Starring Bruce Li, Lo Lieh, Ti Fung, Kun Li, Yasukoshi Shikamura, James Nam.
  • Original Music by Fu Liang Chou
  • Film Editing by Wing-Chan Leong

Also Known As

  • Bruce Lai, o theos tou karate (Greece) (reissue title) | Chinese Connection 2 | Ching wu men su tsi | El Desafío de Bruce Li (Spain) | Fist of Fury Part 2 (USA) | Fistful of the Dragon | Fists of Fury II | Ta Matomena daktyla tou Bruce Lee (Greece) | Me lene Bruce Lee kai i grothia mou skotonei (Greece) (reissue title) | Tschang Fu - Der Todeshammer (Germany)
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