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The beautiful Glory Annen plays Felicity Robinson a young woman coming of age sexually. This film is known as a Skinemax classic and after watching it you'll see why. Felicity narrates the story and through her monologues we learn about female sexuality, how it begins and her feelings towards her changing thoughts. Felicity wastes no time getting down to business with a fellow classmate Jenny (Jody Hanson) as they feel each others bodies and experiment together in bed and in the locker room showers. Note: Look for Director John D. Lamond in a early cameo as a Gardener/Peeping Tom spying on Felicity.

Felicity's father sends her a ticket to fly to Hong Kong to visit family. While on the plane, Felicity spies on two people making love in the seats behind her. When she arrives in Hong Kong she stays with her Aunt Christine (Marilyn Rodgers) and her husband Stephen (Gordon Charles). One night Felicity watches them as they make love and she begins to feel a bit of jealousy that she doesn't have such a great relationship with a man. At a party, Felicity meets a man named Andrew (David Bradshaw) and has her first sexual experience with him. When they arrive at his home, he quickly orders her to take off her panties. Next thing you know, they're having sex on the hood of his sportscar. Its here that we can see that Felicity isn't really into it, shes just doing it more for the experience. Christine introduces Felicity to Me Ling (Joni Flynn) a young Chinese woman who is hired to show her around Hong Kong. The first place they goto is a massage parlor and we get a very steamy lesbian sex sequence as the women rub each other and pleasure themselves. Me Ling takes Felicity on a "pleasure cruise", where she watches Me Ling have sex with a stranger. Suddenly, Felicity is taken from behind by another stranger who she never even sees. This kind of scene certainly shows the difference between the free love 70s and the social effect AIDS had in the 80s. After their trist on the boat, Me Ling introduces Felicity to some friends of hers, an old woman and her son. Felicity says hello, then decides to head home by herself. As she walks through the streets, two Chinese punks try to grab her, but luckily she sees a man on a motorcycle driving by. He stops and tells her to jump on the back. They take off and the man invites her back to his place. Felicity notices the man is a little drunk, but he seems like a really nice guy. She proceeds to go up to his apartment and she stays with him overnight.


Felicity and her new friend, Miles (Christopher Milne) get along really well and it looks like she has finally found her first real relationship. The two go out to eat and get to know each other before they ever make love. These scenes are really nice because we get to see Hong Kong in all its splendor. When Felicity and Miles finally make love everything seems good. They begin to experiment by having sex on a city bus, in a movie house and in an elevator as well. Since Miles is a professional photographer he has to leave town on business, and Felicity feels really sad. We can see shes truly in love with him. Pretty soon, shes back in bed with Me Ling who comforts her and helps her get over her sexual longing for Miles. Felicity and Me Ling decide to go to look for Miles on the small island where hes working. Why Felicity didnt just go with him in the first place is unclear. One night, Felicity meets a man in a bar and they have sex in an alley. Its here that Felicity knows that just having sex is different than making love and she doesnt care for the idea as much. Felicity finally finds Miles, whos been stricken ill after an accident while working. The two are very happy to see each other and they make up for the lost time with lots more sex!!

Felicity is a really well made late 70s erotic film. The interesting thing about it is that unlike many other erotic films, it never treats sex in a perverse way, it simply shows that its natural and very liberating. I really loved the groovy theme song to this film titled "Mama's Little Girl No More" sung by Linda George. Its got a very catchy sound and it shows up several times throughout the film.

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