Fearless Hyena

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Fearless Hyena (1979, HK) is a Kung Fu film directed by Jackie Chan


Main Details

  • Released in 1979
  • Color
  • Running time: 97 minutes
  • Production Co: Goodyear Movie Company
  • Distribution Co: Lung Cheung Company Limited
  • Directed by Jackie Chan
  • Produced by Hsu Li-hwa
  • Written by Jackie Chan
  • Starring Jackie Chan, James Tien, Dean Shek
  • Music by Frankie Chan, Chen Hsua-chi
  • Cinematography Chen Yung-shu
  • Edited by Liang Yung-tsan

Also Known As

  • Revenge of the Dragon (USA video title)
  • Superfighter 3 (West Germany video title)
  • The Shadowman (West Germany video title)
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