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  • First production of the Film Corporation of Western Australia. We of the Never Never and The Winds of Jarrah would follow.
  • Cars featured in this movie included a 57 Chevy Coupe, a Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III XY, an HK Monaro, and a Dodge Challenger.
  • After this movie and With Prejudice (also a 1982 release), lead actor Terry Serio would not appear in another feature film until Say a Little Prayer. Serio, though worked in television.
  • This movie is notable for showing Deborah Conway, then singer from the Australian band Do Re Mi, topless.
  • Terry Serio received top / first billing, Deborah Conway received second billing, Max Cullen received third billing, Richard Moir received fourth billing.
  • First major role in a theatrical feature film for Australian rock singer Deborah Conway.
  • Second theatrical feature film for Deborah Conway. The first was Hard Knocks.
  • This movie is the only ever theatrical feature film directed by John Clark.
  • Though a production of the Film Corporation of Western Australia, this movie was actually filmed in another Australian state, in New South Wales, around Cobar and Sydney.
  • This film was the break-out lead film role for actor Terry Serio.

  • Running on Empty is a car movie from an early 1980s Australian cycle of Australian car movies that were made after the success of Mad Max. Others included Midnite Spares, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Freedom, The Chain Reaction, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Run Chrissie Run!.
  • Australian actor Max Cullen plays a character (called Rebel) in this movie who is blind. Rebel is a working mechanic.

Both the lead actors in this movie have fronted Australian rock bands. Deborah Conway is famous for being the lead singer of Do Re Mi whilst Terry Serio was in the band The Elks.

  • Theatrical feature film debut for actor Gerry Sont. Sont's next theatrical movie a couple of year's later would be a lead role, as the son of Alvin Purple, in Melvin, Son of Alvin.


  • Grahame Bond: Australia's "Aunty Jack" as a kinky leather clad cop.
  • Penne Hackforth-Jones: The respected Australian actress as a kinky leather clad cop.
  • Chris Haywood: As a Photographer.
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