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  • One of the first vampire films from Spain, it was inspired by similarly themed Italian and British vampire films that were being released during the same time period, such as Dance of the Vampires. It has been credited as being "the 1969 picture that hammered the final nail into the cinematic coffin of the bomb-shelter-era bombshell Anita Ekberg," as well as being "one of the most original Gothic examples of Spanish horror."
  • The musical score by Carlo Savina (later the music director of films such as The Godfather and Amarcord) was reused in the 1971 low-budget horror film La notte dei dannati.
  • Upon its release, producers offered "free psychiatric care" for anyone disturbed by Malenka or either of the two other films they were showing, Curse of the Living Dead and Revenge of the Living Dead.
  • This low-budget Spanish-Italian co-production was the handiwork of cult filmmaker Amando De Ossorio, best known for his series of Knights Templar zombie films which began with La Noche del Terror Ciego (1971).
  • Boris Karloff was initially approached to star in the film, but he eventually turned down the role following contractual wrangles, and died before the film was completed.
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