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"WARNING: This program contains monsters, nudity, gorillas, violence and wrestlers!" - Disclaimer on the back cover

DVD Review

The folks at SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO have put together a neat-o compilation of trailers and clips from their lovable library. And don't be too misled by the cover thinking this is only a trailer-compilation for corny B-movie horrors because there's a wide variety put on display. Among the trailer categories to sink your viewing in:

Defilers logo.jpg DeadWeapons logo.jpg Hitchike2Hell logo.jpg

Plus there's some selections where a 2-3 minute clip of the movie is shown instead of the trailer (Mondo Mod,The Gore Gore Girls, and Nude on The Moon, for instance)

This is definitely one wild trailer compliation! And an unbelievable example on just how surprisingly naughty and twisted Exploitation product was in it's heyday!

Reviewed by Laydback - 9/24/07

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