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  • Eros Schedule Book was one of Nikkatsu’s very first roman porno franchises and ran a total of 9 instalments (from 1971 to 1974). Tattoo Contest, directed by Yukihiko Kondo, was the third film in the series. I haven’t seen any the preceeding or succeeding parts and this movie offers little motivation to do so. It’s a very decent looking period film, but the catch is missing. The film lacks originality and feels breathless (not breastless, the cinematographer obviously loves female assets). The only sparks of hope come in form of some tattoo related scenes. Unfortunately the dealing of this subject, too, leaves a lot to be desired. Watch Teruo Ishii’s striking Toei film Inferno of Torture (which also deals with tattoos) for the fourth time instead. --HungFist
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