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Endgame fits into the post-apocalyptic/Escape from New York niche. Interesting that it also predates Stephen King’s The Running Man. I viewed this movie as a rental in 1996. What an interesting experience after reading about it for many years.

The year is 2025, a nuclear holocaust left New York City a wasteland, but not fully abandoned. The gutted and ruined city is now populated by scavengers and telepathic mutants. Trying to keep order, a reality television program (what was that back in 1983?) called Endgame pits hunters and gladiators in a to fight to the death.


The star is Al Cliver who is saved by a telepathic mutant Laura Gemser. In return she asks for him to transport her and a group of mutants to a New Land. Also starring is George Eastman, Hal Yamanouchi, and Gemser’s husband Gabriele Tinti.

Unfortunately, Endgame like 2020 Texas Gladiators has not at the time of this review received a proper DVD or BluRay release. The current versions circulating are washed out and extremely grainy. Hopefully one day these forgotten titles will receive their just deserved cult status. To sum up Endgame would include telepathic mutants, violent reality game shows, and crazy post-apocalyptic vehicles. How doesn’t that make it a grindhouse cult film?!

'Reviewed by Greg Smith

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