Emmanuelle IV

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Emmanuelle IV (1984, France) is a Sexploitation film directed by Francis Leroi and Iris Letans. It is the fourth film in the Emmanuelle series.

Emmanuelle 4

Main Details

  • Released on February 15, 1984 (France)
  • Color
  • Running time: 100 minutes (France; uncut) | 92 minutes | 89 minutes (UK)
  • Production Co.: Sara Films | AS Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Cannon Films (USA; dubbed) | Argos Filmes (1987) (Brazil) (theatrical) | Concorde Film (1984) (Netherlands) (theatrical) | Concorde Pictures (1985) (USA) (theatrical) (2-D version with new footage) | Jugendfilm-Verleih (1984) (West Germany) (theatrical) | Mundial Filmes (1986) (Portugal) (theatrical) (35 mm) (soft-core version)
  • Written and directed by Francis Leroi and Iris Letans, based on Emmanuelle Arsan's novel
  • Starring: Sylvia Kristel, Mia Nygren, Patrick Bachau

Plot Summary

  • In order to escape from her former lover Marc, Sylvia goes to Brazil where Dr. Santamo transforms her into the beautiful Emmanuelle. With this new identity comes a sexual awakening which is complicated by her memories of Marc. As with other entries in this series, the plot twists provide ample opportunities to expose the characters.


  • The erotic masterpiece
  • Emmanuelle reborn in her most erotic adventure yet...

Also known as

Emmanuelle 4

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