Emmanuelle Black and White

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Emmanuelle Black and White (1976, Italy) is a Sexploitation film directed by Mario Pinzauti.


Main Details

  • Released in 1976
  • Color
  • Production company: Società Europea Films Internazionali Cinematografica (SEFI)
  • 1977 U.S. theatrical release by: Howard Mahler Films
  • Written and directed by: Mario Pinzauti
  • Starring Malisa Longo (White Emanuelle), Antonio Gismondo (Lawrence), Rita Manna (Judith), Percy Hogan, Serafino Profumo, Attilio Dottesio, Achille Antonaglia

Also known as

  • Emanuelle bianca e nera (Italy, original title)
  • Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle
  • Le Due Emanuelle (Italy)
  • Emanuelle - Die Schöne der Nacht (Germany)
  • Emanuelle blanca y negra (Spain)
  • Lefki kai mavri Emmanouella (Greece)
  • Passion Plantation
  • Die Zuchtfarm der Sklaven (Germany)


In the pre-civil war American south, Emanuelle, a plantation owner's daughter, while outwardly a dainty southern belle, brutally abuses the slaves in her charge. When her fiance is bitten by a snake, he falls for Emanuelle's beautiful African-American maid who's kindness and skill saved his life. (IMDB)

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