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Time to take another round-trip voyage with everyone's favorite sexually intoxicating photographer, Laura Gemser as Emanuelle! This time around, she's sent to Bangkok looking to score photos of the King of Thailand. All the while, she seduces everyone who comes into her path--Including a relative of the King, Prince Sanit (Ivan Rassimov) However, some friction is caused when Emanuelle starts to become too close to the Prince and is forced to leave the country. So it's here when Emanuelle In Bangkok ends and...."Emanuelle In Casablanca" begins! Seriously, a completely new movie seems to start once Emanuelle sets foot in Morocco. Not only is she reunited with her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Roberto (Gabriele Tinti), but she's also ordered to play sex therapist to an embassy member's daughter (Debra Berger) for a deal to help get Emanuelle a passport which got stolen back in Bangkok.

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The "Black Emanuelle" series had taken a new, interesting direction here with Joe D'Amato's first entry in this series. Obviously some strange screenwriting choices didn't succeed in making this one a candidate for the best of it's kind, but some of D'Amato's photography (Don't forget, he also served as cinematographer) managed to bring the best out of Gemser's apperance and her surroundings. Yet, since this was still early on before the notorious reputation of the "Gore/Porn" aspect of the franchise had gone into effect, don't go into this one expecting to see any of those additions for this installment (Aside from a sequence when Emanuelle takes snap shots of a fight to the death between a cobra and a muskrat which was an example of things to come not just for this series, but for Italian exploitation film in general) Also, the running time of this movie is surely felt. Giving you the indication that boredom seems to set in when viewing this one. But you can count on the good ol' skin factor to prevent displeasing boredom from happening. If that doesn't work, pay close attention to one of the quirkiest film scores done by fellow franchise collaborator, Nico Fidenco. So even though Emanuelle In Bangkok is an uneven film, it's saved by a few sensual scenes (Mostly involving dance acts) and an indication that greater things, depending on one's taste, were sure to follow.

Reviewed by Laydback

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