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Ecco (1963, Italy) is a Mondo film directed by Gianni Proia.


Main Details

  • Released: Nov. 1963 (Italy)/Oct. 1965 (USA)
  • Color
  • Running Time: 110 Min. (Italian Version) / 100 Min. (American version)
  • Filmed in Panchrorama Technicolor
  • Production Company: Julia Film
  • Distributed by L.C.R. Films (First American Run)/A.I.P. (Pick-Up Distribution)
  • Directed by: Gianni Proia
  • Presented by Dick Randall and Howard Smith
  • Produced by: Francesco Mazzei
  • Executive Producer: Mario Russo (Original Italian production)/A.J. Lech, Jr. (American Version for L.C.R. Films)
  • Edited by Roberto Cinquini (Italian Version)/Lee Frost (American Edition as R. Lee Frost)
  • Original Music by Riz Ortolani
  • Commentary written by Francesco Mazzei (Italian Version)/Bob Cresse (American Version as R.W. Cresse)
  • Dubbing (American Version): Paul Taylor and Sam Kopetzky at Spectra Sound
  • Narrator: George Sanders
  • Noted faces: Evon Evah, Rita Renoir, Laura Betti

Also Known As

  • Mondo di notte 3 (Original Italian title)
  • The Shocking World (UK Release)
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