Easy Alice

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Easy Alice (1976, USA) is a Sexploitation film directed by Nick Millard.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1976
  • Color
  • Runtime: 83 min
  • Rated: X
  • Production Co.: California Continental Cinema
  • Directed by Nick Millard
  • Starring: Linda Wong, Joey Silvera (as Joseph Savera), Paul Scharf (as Paul Scarif), Candida Royalle (as Candice Ball), Annette Haven (as Annette Funnette), Turk Lyon (as Bob Migliette), Lesllie Bovee (as Leslie Dubuex), Lee Warneke, Warren St. Thomas (as W. St. Thomas), Celeste Laymore, Tessie Lynn (as Nan Johnson), Vicky Lindsay (as Vicky Lovelace), Raymond Warren, John Leslie
  • Cinematography by Tom Hofmann
  • Film Editing by Tom Hofmann


Joey, a San Francisco lowlife and occasional porn star, takes a one day shoot, after which he wanders aimlessly around the city meeting random people and having anonymous sex. (IMDB)

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