Drive-In Massacre/BluRay

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Synopsis: A restless crowd and a cheesy double feature lead to two brutal killings at a drive-in! Detective Koch and O'Leary assemble a mixed cast of suspects that would make even Charlie Chan cringe. Is it the deranged knife-thrower, the foul-mouthed bigot, the projectionist, the janitor or the pathetic voyeur? Cold razor-sharp steel slices through warm flesh and hot blood squirts over the screen as patrons are splattered across the hoods of cars and even dismembered at the concession stand!

Special Features: Audio Commentary With Director Stu Segall • Drive-In Days: Interview With Star / Co-Writer John F. Goff • Norm Sheridan Recalls Drive-In Massacre • Making the Massacre: Interview With Director Stu Segall • Theatrical Trailer

  • Region All
  • Studio: Severin Films
  • TBR March 2017