Drive-In Delirium: The Ultimate Dusk to Dawn to Dusk Trailer Marathon (BluRay)

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database



The Ultimate Dusk Till Dawn Till Dusk Trailer Marathon! More than 30 hours of horror, action, sci-fi + T&A trailers, uncensored and remastered in high definition! The ultimate mausoleum of movie madness has been desecrated unleashing an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, mind-numbing, skull-splitting and trouser-bulging jumbo-sized serving of delightfully depraved & garishly gory trailer trash! The Drive-In Delirium: Dusk-Till-Sawn-Till-Dusk Collection is a full-frontal, high-def assault on your mental tolerance for sex, violence, vehicular destruction, monsters & mayhem - not to mention a non-stop 30+ hour body & breast count. Buckle up! 942 theatrical trailers remastered in high definition! Plus poster galleries & VHS Delirium bonus SD trailer compiles

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