Dr. Phibes Rises Again/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by John Gale



1. Main Title 2. Vulnavia's Theme 3. Is It Safe? 4. Variations On A Car Exit 5. Biederbeck Prepares To Leave London 6. Snakes! 7. Dance On The High Seas 8. Remembering Victoria 9. The Elixir Of Life 10. Cabin Fever 11. To Egypt 12. Into The Catacombs 13. Unveil The Band 14. Decorating The Tomb 15. Shavers' Descent / The Eagles's Caress 16 "Did You Have A Good Dinner?" 17. The Sarcophagus Yields Its Secrets 18. Diana Finds The Skull 19. Phibes Remasked 20. Preparing Victoria 21. "If Music Be The Food Of Love.. Play On." 22. Baker's Bad Night 23. Phibes Recovers The Sarcophagus 24. Diana's Rigged 25. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Vocal Version) 26. Not Used In Film 27. Not Used In Film 28. Not Used In Film 29. Somewhere Over The Rainbow