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Synopsis: As a child, Donald Kohler grew up under the sadistic rule of an overbearing mother. Her method of punishment? A severe burning. Through the years, Donald finds no comfort, no sympathy, nor home in the real world. When he discovers his mother has died in her, he thinks he may finally be free. But with nightmarish visions and voices in his head, the damage has been done. Now he hopes to incinerate his repressive past by seeking out young women, taking them to his home and burning them alive.

Special Features: NEW HD scan of the original camera negative • New interview with actor Robert • New featurette - Don't Go in the House Again - a tour of the Strauss Mansion • New featurette - Ghost Hunting the Strauss Mansion with Greg Caggiano • Audio Commentary with star Dan Grimaldi • Interview with actor Dan Grimaldi • Theatrical Trailer • Alternate Title Card

  • Region A
  • Studio: Scorpion Releasing
  • Limited Edition


Grindhouse 2 leichen.jpg

Das Haus der lebenden Leichen

  • Label: Subkultur Entertainment
  • Movie is banned in Germany
  • Region 2/B, limited to 1000 copies
  • Audio: German, English
  • Subtitles: German and English
  • Video: 1.78:1 HD
  • Extras: Interview with Joseph Ellison, alternative credits „The Burning“, textless title sequence, German Trailer, US theatrical trailer, UK Teaser, gallery, Open Matte Version inkl. interactive „Framing Feature“ (BD exklusive), Booklet, Grindhouse Trailershow.
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