Dirty Basterds And Master Killers: The Soundtrack (Vol. 1)

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database

Grindhouse Cinema Database presents the first volume of Dirty Basterds and Master Killers (based on our film list), the super compilation of classic kung fu movie music. This release is filled with hours of pulse pounding scores from some of the most amazing composers in cinema history including Ennio Morricone, John Williams, Quincy Jones, Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Riz Ortolani, John Barry and many more!

This new double LP film score (and 2 CD) release features 40 tracks pressed to 180 gram vinyl, classic kung fu film poster artwork, exclusive liner notes by GCDb, and a printed insert of vintage kung fu film newspaper ads from The Deuce.


SIDE A: 1. Hang Em High: Dominic Frontiere (Seven Blows of the Dragon) 2. The Big Gundown Main Theme: Ennio Morricone (The Ming Patriots) 3. Day of Anger: Riz Ortolani (The Invincible Armour) 4. Duel At Diablo: Neal Hefti (The One Armed Swordsman) 5. The Outlaw Josey Wales: Jerry Fielding (Bruce Lee the Invincible) 6. The Return of Ringo: Ennio Morricone (The Savage Five) 7. The Sons of Katie Elder: Elmer Bernstein (Warriors Two) 8. The Return of A Man Called Horse: Laurence Rosenthal (7 Grand Masters) 9. Chen Lee & The General: Elmer Bernstein from the film True Grit (Monkey Fist, Floating Snake) 10. Silhouette of Doom: Ennio Morricone from the film Navajo Joe (Hitman in the Hand of Buddha)

Pop Music & TV Scores

SIDE B: 12. Fly Robin Fly: Silver Convention (Soul Brothers of Kung Fu) 13. Magic Fly: Space (Snake in The Eagle's Shadow) 14. Super: Neu! (Master of the Flying Guillotine) 15. Pick Up The Pieces: Henry Mancini (Fists of Bruce Lee) 16. Bongo Rock: Incredible Bongo Band (Bruce Lee in New Guinea) 17. Sky High: Jigsaw (The Man From Hong Kong) 18. Lets All Chant: Michael Zagar Band (Enter Three Dragons) 19. Frankenstein: Edgar Winter (Stoner) 20. Ironside: Quincy Jones (Five Fingers of Death) 21. Theme from S.W.A.T. by Rhythm Heritage (Return of the Tiger)

Badass Action

SIDE A: 22. Kill Them All from the film Kill: Berto Pisano (The Hot, The Cool and The Vicious) 23. The Airport Caper from The Happening: Frank De Vol (Way Of the Dragon) 24. Willie Chase: JJ Johnson from the film Willie Dynamite (Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave) 25. Shaft's Big Score: OC Smith (Kung Fu: The Invincible Fist) 26. Junkie Chase: Curtis Mayfield from the film Super Fly (Bruce Against Iron Hand) 27. The Warriors Main Theme: Barry DeVorzon (The Clones of Bruce Lee) 28.The Syndicate: A Death in the Family: Piero Piccioni (Five Shaolin Masters) 29. Do A Thing: Herbie Hancock from the film Death Wish (Exit The Dragon, Enter The Tiger) 30. Dark of the Sun by Jacques Loussier (Warriors Two) 31. Assassination Attempt from the film Taxi Driver: Bernard Herrmann (Mad Monkey Kung Fu)

Sci Fi & Horror

SIDE B: 32. Rite of Magic: Ennio Morricone from Exorcist II: The Heretic (Kung Fu Zombie) 33. Climbing Devil's Tower: John Williams from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Ten Tigers of Shaolin) 34. The Back Room from the film Tourist Trap: Pino Donaggio (Kung Fu Executioner) 35. Mysterious Island Prelude: Bernard Herrmann (Iron Neck Li) 36. The Clothes Snatchers from Planet Of The Apes by Jerry Goldsmith (Bruce and the Shaolin Bronzemen) 37. The Big Jolt! from the film Jaws 2: John Williams (Enter Three Dragons) 38. The Planet Krypton: John Williams from the film Superman (Fistful of Talons) 39. The Battle of Yavin from Star Wars IV: A New Hope: John Williams (Snake in The Eagle's Shadow) 40. Main Theme from the film Carrie: Pino Donaggio (Soul Brothers of Kung Fu)

This is a fictional record created by Pete Roberts (GCDb Editor-in-Chief) for purely creative and entertainment purposes

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