Detroit 9000/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Luchi De Jesus

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TRACK LISTING 01. Opening Credits (Theme From Detroit 9000) 02. Win With Clayton (Touch Me Jesus & Sunday Morning People Medley) (Vocal) 03. The Heist (Masked Men) 04. The Heist (Gunmen Escape) 05. The Heist (Look For The Answer, You'll Find It In Him) (Vocal) 06. A Honky Caper (Dialogue) 07. You're Allergic To Motown (Dialogue) 08. 9000 Officer In Trouble (Theme) 09. Throw A Punch At Me (No Name Bar) 10. Buzz The Fuzz (Dialogue) 11. The Sanatorium 12. Hot & Black (Jessie) 13. Ethel's Place (Party At The Brothel) 14. The Doctor (Ferdie The Pimp) 15. Stakeout (The Ultimate Product Of Your Jive Ass Honky Establishment) (Dialogue) 16. Stakeout (Milo Get's In The Way) 17. The Indian (Theme) 18. Boat Chase 19. Ruby 20. Ruby (Keep My Baby Warm) (Vocal) 21. Tell You How It Was (Ruby's Place) (Theme) 22. The Man Don't Like Waitin' (Aubrey Hill-Clayton) 23. The Man Don't Like Waitin' (50 Seconds) 24. The Man Don't Like Waitin' (Every Black Man Ain't Your Brother) 25. After Holly Hill (The Bust) 26. Another Rip-Off, Fa-Sho (Like A Raunchy Rabbit) 27. Dan Dies (Clayton's Speach) 28. The Worst Cop I Ever Knew (The End) 29. The Bust (Complete)

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