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World War 2: Africa: In a control room "The Allies" devise a plan and "UK" Captain George Bradbury (George Hilton) shall fulfill the mission. The plan is to lay mines in a special sector of the African desert. Of course he needs the right men for that spectacular job. His picks are: Bob (Rik Battaglia), a motorcycle racing champion. Charlie (Fabrizio Moroni), young and heavily in love with a girl back home (she's pregnant). Red Wiley (Frank Wolff), a crazy Canadian and mine expert. Spencer (Goffredo Unger), sorry forgot what his specialty is.

After laying all the mines they want to go back to headquarters. But suddenly "The Germans" begin taking heavy artillery on the spot. They have to withdraw into the desert. One German tank chases them and after a while the "Nazi" tank stops (it's broken). Captain Bradbury wants to talk to the Germans (to surrender). The Krauts in the tank are: Captain Curt Heinz (Robert Hossein) and Privat Hoffman (Ivano Staccioli). Thinking of surrendering Cap. Bradbury has now a different idea on his mind. The "Nazis" have a canister of water and both sides have to make a deal willy-nilly (both sides have guns and machine guns). Some minutes later the jeep is crammed with two Germans and on the opposite Allies. The sun burns hot as a motherfucker. Dry throats yearn for water. Brains go haywire. Which side will win?

Bruno Nicolai did the musical score. And I have to say the main title is now one of my favorite tunes. So emotional and powerful. I don't want to write much about the characters because there are some flashbacks in the film (before the war). It would be too much spoilers. All I can say is that every role has the right actor. And the ending scene (The Tank Battle) was awesome. Another "Macaroni Combat" film straight out of Italy for your mind. Highly Recommended!

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