Death on the Run

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Death on the Run (1967, Italy) is an spy action-thriller directed by Sergio Corbucci

Death on the Run poster

Main Details

  • Released in 1967
  • Color
  • Countries of production: Italy
  • Director: Sergio Corbucci
  • Starring: Ty Hardin, Michael Rennie, Gordon Mitchell, Paola Pitagora, Vittorio Caprioli, Vassili Karis
  • Music by Ivan Vandor, Fiorenzo Carpi

Also known as

  • Moving Target
  • Bersaglio mobile (Italy, original title)
  • Cible mouvante (France)
  • Fluchtpunkt Akropolis (Germany)
  • Headhunter: Im Todeskreis der Agenten (Germany, video)
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