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Death Walks On High Heels

After her diamond thief father is murdered, a sexy female "singer" named Nicole Rochard (The Big Gundown's Susan Scott) is given the news of her father's death and questioned by the local police. Nicole and her lover Michel (Simon Andreu) make it clear that they both have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the lost diamonds her father had stolen and they are let go. Nicole goes back to performing her erotic stripteases at the nightclub and Michel returns to his drinking and carousing.

Death Walks On High Heels Death Walks On High Heels

One night while Nicole is alone, a masked man enters her flat and attacks her. The man has bright blue eyes and he tells Nicole to tell where the stolen diamonds are hidden. Nicole is frantic with fear, but she tells him she doesn't know anything about the diamonds. The killer rubs his razorblade slowly over her skin with the dull edge and tells her he'll be back and next time he'll use the sharp edge instead. Nicole is deeply frightened and runs to Michel's flat to tell him what has happened. Michel is drunk again and thinks Nicole is just lying to him, but she tells him its really true. After making love, Nicole goes into Michel's bathroom where she finds something very shocking: two blue contact lenses. Nicole realizes that Michel must be the masked man and luckily she meets up with an older admirer who saw her in the nightclub act, Dr. Robert Matthews (The Great Silence's Frank Wolff).

Death Walks On High Heels Death Walks On High Heels

Dr. Matthews and Nicole leave Paris and fly to a small town in England where he has a beautiful chalet. Nicole feels safe again with Robert and they spend all their time making love. Dr Matthews introduces Nicole to the local townspeople at the cafe, one of whom works for him. The blonde man (They Call Me Trinity's Luciano Rossi) is quiet and right away he gives off a strange vibe. Everything is fine for awhile, but soon more strange things begin occurring and Nicole once again finds herself in danger. The story will throw you for several loops as the red herrings abound all over the story. There's no telling who the masked killer is. Death Walks On High Heels has some extremely well crafted twists. Just when you think it's over, you'll get another shocking discovery.

NOTE: Frank Wolff who plays Dr. Robert Matthews was previously in Sergio Leone's epic Italian Western Once Upon A Time In The West (1969). In that film he played a character named McBain. He had bushy red hair and a mustache. You may not realize its him, but make sure to look closely and you'll recognize him.


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