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Political Figures

Mr. President


  • It's no secret to many that the president endorses anarchy. As an annual sponser of the deadly sport, Mr. President would love to see the sport continue while he's in office....And beyond (Played by Sandy McCallum)

Thomasina Paine


  • As the leader of The Resistance, the elderly Paine will make sure that Death Race 2000 will be the last ever seen. As soon as the race starts, Paine puts "Operation: Anti-Race" into effect with deadly results. (Played by Harriet Medin)

News Team

Junior Bruce


  • The flamboyantly annoying blow-by-blow commentator of the race (Played by Don Steele)



  • The color analyst of the race has mannerisms that mirrors the popular Howard Cosell (Played by Carle Bensen)

Grace Pander


  • Gossip columnist and interviewer of the racers (Played by Joyce Jameson)




  • Defending champion of the Death Race. After multiple accidents, it's been said that Frank has been surgically put together to perfection for this race. Since Frankenstein's a close friend to Mr. President, the popular champion is #1 on The Resistance's hit list. (Played by David Carradine)

Calamity Jane


  • 2nd-place winner at the previous Death Race. Everyone can expect the tough and reliable cowgirl to put up a good effort in dethroning Frankenstein. (Played by Mary Woronov)

Machine Gun Joe Viterbo


  • A former winner of past races (As well as outnumbering Frankenstein on points) Mobster Joe labels Frankenstein as "Public Enemy #1" for Death Race 2000. He's, once again, gunning for more points and looking to knock off Frankenstein by any means necessary. (Played by Sylvester Stallone)

Matilda the Hun


  • Fiery, Nazi-queen who hopes to win the race--And the world soon after. Oh, and that giant cannon on her car may look a little scary, but Matilda would just rather gain her points by hood-spikes like everyone else. (Played by Roberta Collins)

Nero the Hero


  • The Roman "God" has crashed and burned in every other Death Race. Don't expect major improvements this time around. (Played by Martin Kove)


Annie Smith


  • Being the grand-daughter of Thomasina Paine, Frankenstein's navigator is secretly working for The Resistance in hopes of sabotaging Death Race 2000. (Played by Simone Griffeth)



  • Calamity Jane's assistant is a cool and calm good ol' boy. But, for once, he would like to be in the "Driver's Seat". (Played by William Shephard)



  • Dim-witted, blonde bombshell who seems to only be good for Joe to slap around. (Played by Louisa Moritz)

Herman the German


  • Like Myra, Matilda's sidekick seems willing to play the punching-bag to his Nazi superior. But it looks like Calamity Jane would like to be the first to make a bitch out of Herman! (Played by Fred Grandy)



  • This busty navigator might actually have more brains than her driver (Played by Leslie McRae)

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