Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954, USA) is a Sci-Fi-Thriller film directed by Jack Arnold
  • Synopsis: Remnants of a mysterious animal have come to light in a remote jungle, and a group of scientists intends to determine if the find is an anomaly or evidence of an undiscovered beast. To accomplish their goal, the scientists (Antonio Moreno, Richard Carlson, Richard Denning, Whit Bissell) must brave the most perilous pieces of land South America has to offer. But the terrain is nothing compared to the danger posed by an otherworldly being that endangers their work and their lives.
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Main Details

  • Released in 1954 | B & W
  • Running time: 79 minutes
  • Production Co: Universal International Pictures (UI)
  • Distribution Co: Universal Pictures (1954) (USA) (theatrical) | Universal Film (1954) (Belgium) (theatrical) | Universal (1955) (France) (theatrical) | Universal Pictures (1972) (USA) (theatrical) (re-release) | Bio-Kuva (1954) (Finland) (theatrical) | J.Arthur Rank-Film (1954) (Austria) (theatrical) | Universal International Pictures (UI) (1954) (Netherlands) (theatrical) | Universal Pictures (1954) (Japan) (theatrical) (subtitled) (2-D Version only)
  • Directed by Jack Arnold
  • Produced by William Alland
  • Written by Harry Essex, Arthur A. Ross, Maurice Zimm
  • Starring Richard Carlson, Julia Adams, Richard Denning, Antonio Moreno
  • Music by Henry Mancini, Hans J. Salter, Herman Stein
  • Cinematography by William E. Snyder
  • Edited by Ted J. Kent

Also Known As

  • Argentina - El monstruo de la Laguna Negra | Austria (dubbed version) Das Ungeheuer der schwarzen Lagune | Belgium (Flemish title) Het monster der moerassen | Belgium (French title) L'étrange créature du lac noir | Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Чудовището от Чeрната лагуна | Brazil - O Monstro da Lagoa Negra | Chile - El monstruo de la laguna negra | Czech Republic - Netvor z Cerné laguny | Denmark - Uhyret fra den sorte lagune | Spain La mujer y el monstruo | Finland (DVD title) Creature from the black lagoon | Finland - Mustan laguunin hirviö | (Swedish title) Odjuret i den svarta lagunen | France - L'étrange créature du lac noir | Greece - O tromos tis mavris limnis | Hungary - A fekete lagúna szörnye | Italy - Il mostro della laguna nera | Japan - Dai Amazon no hangyo-jin | Mexico - El monstruo de la Laguna Negra | Netherlands (informal literal title) Het monster van de Amazone | Poland - Potwór z Czarnej Laguny | Portugal - O Monstro da Lagoa Negra | Romania - Creatura din Laguna Neagra | Serbia - Stvorenje iz Crne lagune | Sweden (alternative title) - Monstret i den Svarta Lagunen | (TV title) Skräcken från Svarta Lagunen | Skräcken i Svarta Lagunen | Soviet Union (Russian title) Создание из Черной лагуны | Turkey (Turkish title) Kara gölün canavari | USA (working title) Black Lagoon | Venezuela - El monstruo de la laguna negra | Germany - Der Schrecken vom Amazonas


  • Not since the beginning of time has the world beheld terror like this! | Centuries of passion pent up in his savage heart! | Terrifying monster ravages mankind! | Amazing! Startling! Shocking! | Clawing Monster From A Lost Age strikes from the Amazon's forbidden depths! | Creature from a million years ago!... every man his mortal enemy... and a woman's beauty his prey! | From the Amazon's forbidden depths came the Creature from the Black Lagoon
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