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The movie starts out with a low camera following a nice pair of legs strutting down by a farm as the credits play out (Every sexploitation flick should start this way!) We find out that this gal is Billie Joe Peabody (Rene Bond) and she spends the rest of the day running and dodging her horny and dysfunctional (But good natured, of course) cousins. This is interupted when Gradma Peabody (Zena Foster, who looks old enough to be the granny, but the family keeps on calling her "Ma", for some reason) who wants all her relatives over for one last family get-together before she "kicks the bucket". Without a doubt, the Peabody who sticks out the most is cousin Prudence (Ellen Stephens) an educated, rich, snobbish twat who causes a mistake by inviting the family over to her fancy pad just because she had a little too much moonshine to drink.

Six of the hillbilly Peabodys then get ready for their trip to the big city for their invitation to Prudence's party. But Prudence, realizing her mistake, decides to mock her relatives by having her party-guests dress up as hicks. But the arriving Peabodys do a reversal by dressing casually. Prudence feels guilty in the end (I really don't see why or how this set-up could be so damaging) but Uncle Fester (Jack Richesin) consoles Prudence by letting her know that she's one with the family.

That's the whole story. Which sounds like it could be about a 20-minute movie, right? So what's going on for the rest of the 70-minutes? Humpin', Moonshine drinkin', humpin', chicken chasin', humpin' and more humpin'! Brother Leroy (John Tull) gets it on with three different chicks throughout the movie and even old Uncle Fester gets some! But don't go into this one thinking that you'll get a whole lot of creative soft-core sex here, it's just pretty much the same ol', same ol'. Though I do admit that the whole scene with Leroy saying his goodbyes and doing his love-making to his girlfriend came out entirely awkward than probably what was intended. Let's see...What else...Oh yeah, I liked some of the fish-out-of-water humor involving the Peabodys' visit to Prudence. And...That's about it I guess. Sheesh. This really does feel like a 20-minute movie!

Reviewed by Laydback

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