Cotton Comes To Harlem/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Galt McDermott
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1. Cotton Comes To Harlem (vocal by George Tipton) 2. Coffin Ed And Grave Digger (instr.) 3. Going Home (vocal by Shakinah) 4. Sunlight Shining (vocal Lela Galloway) 5. Man In Distress (instr.) 6. Harlem Medley (instr.) 7. Black Enough (vocal Melba Moore) 8. Stockyard (instr.) 9. The Loving Ballad (vocal Denise Dillapena) 10. Deke (instr.) 11. Down In My Soul (vocal Lela Galloway) 12. Harlem By Day (instr.) 13. My Salvation (vocal Melba Moore) 14. Ed And Digger (instr.)

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