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Jennifer Robison (Jennifer Welles) comes to stay with her daughter Carol (Rebecca Brooke); Carol’s swinging sex life with husband Eddie (David Hausman), her best friend Anne (Chris Jordan) and her partner Pete (Eric Edwards) opens Jennifer’s eye to a whole new world. Soon a forbidden attraction between mother and daughter is acknowledged and leads to them questioning their deepest values.

I became slightly obsessed with this film a few years ago, and to be honest I’ve never understood why. It has very low production values and a weak plot and a performances by Chris Jordan I still don’t completely understand. I refuse to accept its purely visceral reaction, am I that simple?

Do I really just latch to any film with a couple of attractive women getting it on?

Is it the taboo story of a mother and daughter’s attraction?

No, that's a well-worn plot and I don’t have the unofficial Electra Complex collection. The sex is entertaining and not without merit (I have seen this film in cinema and I own the Retro-Seduction Cinema, it’s all soft core that I’ve witnessed) but I really do enjoy the performances of Mary Mendum, Jennifer Welles and Chris Jordan. There are moments that are overdone, it is slightly melodramatic, but it still feels genuine to me.


Some adult performers aren't given enough credit for what they do. Chris Jordan, for instance, may have been a cum-guzzling hardcore porn actress, but she can act. She is genuinely funny when she wants to be, her role as Anna’s best friend, bed-buddy and confidant to Mendum’s Carol is amusing and charming and they come across as genuine friends. The petite Jordan is always snacking in every shot that the two are having a heart to heart and she’s quite obsessed with food. I’d goes as far to say there is actually an inch of depth to these characters.

Jennifer and Carol’s relationship is strained, the tension of this comes across well. As Jennifer is inducted into the foursome’s swinging lifestyle, it becomes evident that it was more than meets the eye, and you feel it.

Frankly, the men in this film serves as nothing else but dildos with a pulse I like this, it’s more about complex sexual female relationships than men plowing throw a room full of holes. There is actually something here more than blowjobs and cum shots - there’s a story.

Reviewed by Handsofmanos

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