Colossus And The Headhunters

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Colossus And The Headhunters (Maciste contro i cacciatori di teste) (1963, Italy) is a Peplum-Action/Adventure-War film directed by Guido Malatesta.


Main Details

  • Released on January 10, 1963 (Italy)
  • Color
  • Running time: 81 minutes (Italy); 79 minutes (USA); 80 minutes (France)
  • Production Co.: RCM Produzione Cinematografica
  • Written and directed by Guido Malatesta
  • Starring: Kirk Morris, Laura Brown, Demeter Bitenc, Frank Leroy

Plot Summary

  • Maciste and his people flee their volcano-ravaged island. They end up caught in between two warring tribes.


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