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1. Coffy Is The Color 2. Priscilla's Theme 3. King George 4. Aragon 5. Coffy Sauna 6. King's Last Ride 7. Coffy Baby 8. Brawling Broads 9. Escape 10. Shining Symbol 11. Exotic Dance 12. Making Love 13. Vittroni's Theme - King Is Dead 14. End Of Sugarmanan Fly 8. Bamboo Bird Cage 9. Broken Mirrors 10. Theme from Enter The Dragon (reprise)

CD Review

Pam Grier is back - with a vengeance! In Jack Hill's cult Blaxploitation revenge flick Coffy (1973) Grier makes her way through pimps and dealers...with a sawed-off shotgun and two huge breasts! The soundtrack by master Roy Ayers became as classic as the film itself and is a funky 70s mix that makes you feel like being directly in a Blaxploitation movie. The whole groovy story starts with "Coffy is the Color" a fast and cool tune, common funk rhythm and a great male singing voice. It brings you in the Coffy mood! With "Priscilla's Theme" something totally different follows. This is slow paced tune, but with a very cool rhythm and no singing. Creates a very cool and relaxed feeling, while the following track "King George" is the ultimate pimp-track! A cool synthesized voice singing in the background, funky technical beats and this common feeling of a bad mofo hitting the screen.

"Aragon" is a kind of fast tune, with some beats that sound like car horns plus a bit of piano music and this fast chasing rhythm, it makes a song that brings up the mood of an Exploitation movie car chase! Whoa, whats that? "Coffy Sauna" sounds like a sexploitation tune. It is similar to some tracks from the Vampyros Lesbos - Sexadelic Dance Party soundtrack, it brings up a very cool female voice, plus almost oriental like noises and no real rhythm. It all flows like a waterfall. Very cool and an extraordinary tune! "King's Last Ride" is a funk-tune similar to Isaac Hayes' music. Especially the beginning of the track sounds like Hayes' Shaft theme. Then it turnes into a dancing song, like its directly from a 70s disco!

"Coffy Baby" features an ear-blowing, awesome female singer. Her voice has incredible volume. This song is in a thin line between a ballad and jazz-tune, great thing! Then "Brawling Broads" comes up (played during the great catfight between Coffy and one of King George's ho's). Its a track that can be considered "funny" because of its childlike rhythm and non-linear beats. Its actually more of a filler. Yeah brothers! Now my favorite track comes up: "Escape" is one hell of a fast track, the beat is incredibly pulsing and there's still this sleazy funkiness. This tune is also featured in the original theatrical trailer from Coffy and brings up an exciting action mood.

"Shining Symbol" has a damn cool background rhythm, while it also features some funky singers. The choir passages rock the exploitation film fan's asses! A funky thing, especially after starting like a ballad. With "Exotic Dance" Ayers goes the Vampyros Lesbos-style again. This is an oriental dance ballad, and like the title offers, its perfect for a sexy female dance scene. From sexy dance to the actual thing: "Making Love" is a ballad. Slow paced, in very cool sexploitation mood, sometimes turning into classic funkiness with some electrifying background noises.

Some fans of Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown (1997) probably know "Vittroni's Theme - King is Dead" from this modern Pam Grier comeback film. Its originally from Coffy. This is the one and only tune from the soundtrack not being classic funk. Its a dramatic piano-track, brings the feeling of a big climax up. Really exciting thing! With "End of Sugarman" this fabulous soundtrack ends. This is one crazy track I can tell you! Strange noises, instruments I have never heard in my life, no real rhythm. Ayers couldn't make it end crazier, but that's also the lifestyle of the 70s!

The Coffy soundtrack is with no doubt one of the best you can get. Funk meets some jazz, rock and oriental sexploitation tunes, while there's also exciting action-film music. Like Jack Hill's great revenge-film, the soundtrack is also a definite must-have!

Reviewed by Ezekial - 9/20/07

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