Code 7, Victim 5/Mozambique (BluRay)

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  • Code 7, Victim 5: Lex Barker plays Steve Martin, an American private eye who travels to South Africa to investigate a murder. A millionaire named Wexler, played by Walter Rilla, whose butler was stabbed to death, hires Steve. With the help of the local inspector (Ronald Fraser), Steve tracks down some leads, only to find more dead bodies and dead ends. But there is much more to this mystery than a dead butler. Steve eventually uncovers a murderous link between Nazi war criminals and Wexler.
  • Mozambique: An out-of-work and penniless American pilot is offered work in Mozambique and promptly becomes an unwitting pawn in a world of drug smuggling, kidnappings and murder.



  • Region free
  • Studio: Blue Underground
  • Extras: Trailer
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish, French
  • Video: Widescreen, color, HD
  • Running time: 89min (Code 7, Victim 5), 96min (Mozambique)
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