Chinese Hercules

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Main Details

  • Released in 1973
  • Color
  • Running Time: 90 Min.
  • Production Co: The Hong Kong Kai Fa Film Company
  • Distribution Co: Astral Films (1974) (Canada) (dubbed) | National General Pictures (1973) (USA) (English dubbed)
  • Directed by Choy Tak
  • Written by Kuang Ni
  • Starring Bolo Yeung (Yang Sze), Fan Chiang, Yeh Fang
  • Produced by Peter Poon
  • Stunts: Jackie Chan, Biao Yuen
  • Other crew: Biao Yuen (double: martial arts and acrobatics)

Plot Summary

  • A martial arts fighter, haunted by his past, takes a job as a dock worker in a small village. His vow never to fight again is tested by the cruel owner of the pier.

Also Known As

  • Black Guide (Philippines - English title)
  • Freedom Strikes a Blow (International - English title)
  • Ma tou shao zi (Taiwan)
  • The Kid from Pier (Taiwan)


  • The first and only Muscle Mad Monster of the martial Arts! He fights to the death
  • He's the superhuman beast from the east
  • ....he's got a crush on you.
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