Chelly Wilson

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Golden Days of Grindhouse: The Cameo circa 1970s

Chelly Wilson (Born: ?? - Died: 1994) was a producer/exhibitor and director of pornographic films. She founded Avon Productions, a company that produced X-rated hardcore films to supply the chain of porn theaters that she owned. Most were located on or around 42nd Street aka "The Deuce" in New York City. They included the XXX houses The Venus, Eros, The Capri, The Adonis as well as the Cameo grindhouse theater.

Notable Films Featured at Chelly's Theaters

Confessions of a Psycho Cat | Johnny Wadd | Femmes De Sade | Masters of Discipline | Love Slaves | Olga's Girls | White Slaves of Chinatown | Olga's House of Shame | Vapors | Honey

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