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In 1972, he created what would become the infamous The Last House on Dead End Street, originally titled The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, on the most minimum of budgets. Keeping base in New York, he moved onto Porno films including Her Name was Lisa (1979), while being surprised that his most famous film finally saw a release and enjoying some success, as well as attempting to go into Mainstream films one more time with Shadows of the Mind in 1980. After having a horrible experience with Shadows of the Mind, he continued with Porn through The 80's, but thanks to a mention of the film by Michael Weldon in his Psychotronic Film Guide that was given added promotional value by showing a one-sheet and a very small video run on Sun Video, some of the curious got to see the film while still wondering about all of the fake names and different credits with some going out to research to actually find out who made it. The 90's were a quiet time for him, although there was a growing cult audience trying to find "Victor Janos," but interest in his work returned thanks to a classic DVD presentation of Last House on Dead End Street, including a second disc featuring short 8mm films he made in his past leading up to the production of his legendary film.

Fun Facts

  • The Post-Production Editor on The Last House on Dead End Street, Bernie Travis, is sometimes erroneously listed as an aka for Watkins, but did exist in reality, and committed suicide sometime in The 90's or Early 2000's. This is confirmed in the commentary to The Last House on Dead End Street by Watkins himself.

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