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Clamil Productions was mainly a Californian pick-up company led by Frank L. Harr who mainly specialized in Adult and Horror films through The 70's, usually on their second or possibly third runs, with their biggest early success being a West Coast distribution of The Party at Kitty and Stud's Place, which would be later known as The Italian Stallion. Their other early pick ups included Precious Jewels, a William Stagg production from 1969 which was also Distributed by Grads that featured Stewart Lancaster, Antoinette Maynard and Mickey Jines (The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet); And Five Makes Jason, about an undercover cop trying to bust a kidnap ring; and Women Women Women Moira, another film by Stallion's Director Morton Lewis which was also Distributed through Cinex on the East Coast.

By the Mid-70's, their picked-up line up included Angelica, the Young Vixen featuring Dixie Donovan; Dingle Dangle; and most interestingly The First Notch, a little known film by Gil Ward, who's most famous contribution to Exploitation film was for Brad Gritner's infamous legend Blood Freak as the Editor and Music composer. Aside from a couple of then-recent films like .357 Magnum (Quite possibly the Nick Phillips film), the pick ups of the final days of the company of 1976 and 1977 were mainly of already-played films that would still find a couple of playdates here and there which turned out to be very interesting choices including a Zan of the Jungle film starring Blood Freak's Steve Hawks that was turned into King of the Jungle, Bedroom Magic (AKA the 1970 film Bedroom Mazurka), and best of all the mess-terpiece classics of sin-ema Psyched by the 4D Witch and Blood Freak.

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