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The most VIOLENT movie ever made! Starring Godfather of Gore Lucio Fulci Acclaimed Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci, director of ZOMBIE and THE BEYOND, stars in this blood-soaked epic as a director being driven insane by his own movies. Fulci is thrust into an ultra-violent nightmare of death and depravity where murder and madness consume his sanity in a vortex of violence.

CAT IN THE BRAIN is a psychological masterpiece in the tradition of such cinematic classics as PSYCHO, STRAIT-JACKET, ERASERHEAD and Fellini's 8 1/2.


Hi-definition digital restoration of the original UNCENSORED DIRECTOR'S CUT • Presented with English and original Italian language soundtracks • In-depth interviews with director Lucio Fulci and star Brett Halsey • New interviews with composer Fabio Frizzi, screenwriter Antonio Tentori, cinematographer Sandro Grossi and poster artist Enzo Sciotti • Lucio Fulci's heroic appearance at the 1996 NYC Fangoria Weekend of Horrors • Original Italian theatrical trailer & gallery of stills and poster art • Liner notes by Antonella Fulci, David J. Schow, Eli Roth and Martin Beine • BONUS CD - the original soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi! • Chilling GLOW-IN-THE-DARK slip cover - limited to first 3000 copies • Mini portrait of Lucio Fulci - suitable for framing - limited to first 3000 copies • PLUS OTHER SURPRISES!

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