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This was my first "WIP" (Women in Prison) experience. If this title is supposed to be a good representative of how a movie of this genre should be, I think I’m gonna skip most of them. Although I've read that the American ones (like Caged Heat) are better.

A good looking chick (Laura Gemser) who occasionally forgets to act in this one, is imprisoned in the world’s toughest female prison. There, the superiors like to frequently abuse their powers. The prisoners have to work inhumanly hard, are always yelled at, get nibbled bloody by rats, and of course become sex slaves.

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Now it may sound fun and I was hoping it would be, but the film is neither funny, nor a case of "so-bad-it’s-good“ It’s also too over the top and unrealistic to work as a prison drama. The erotic scenes are way too tame for a modern audience, and not even half-decent chicks are in sight, with the exception of Laura Gemser.

I think this movie is best suited for naive and immature teenagers. Naive enough to believe that a prison like this could maybe excist in reality (nobody asks about the "missing“ prisoners who get killed every year), and immature enough to take joy in watching Laura Gemser during a physical.

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The movie not sleazy or hardcore enough to be exciting. With some exceptions, the physical violence portrayed doesn’t rise above your average barfight. The occasional fights between inmates and the guards is neither funny nor dramatic, just stupid. Oh, one fight includes a bowl of feces, which gives a nice touch to the standard crowd fights portrayed. You just know you’re watching a cheap Italian exploitationer when a fight involving excrement is on the "redeeming qualities“-list. It’s not all bad, though. Some scenes, like an escape attempt or the torturing of our main character are interesting to watch. Some scenes are even intense and brutal, and could work if it wasn’t for the other 85 minutes of the movie.

There are many many more worthwile Exploitation expieriences out there for you. Skip this one.

Reviewed by Kenneth

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