Bronx Warriors & Warriors of the Wasteland OST

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database


1990: Bronx Warriors (1-18) Original Music by Walter Rizzati The New Barbarians (19-32) Original Music by Claudio Simonetti


1.Bronx 1990 2.Fire Knights 3.Trash And Annie 4.Radioprogramme 5.Hammer Boss 6.Bronx Suspense 7.Learning To Die 8.Bronx Traffic 9.Skaters Group 10.N.Y. Suspense 11.Spillo's Death 12.Ring Mystery 13.Trash And Annie (II Vers.) 14.The Warriors 15.A Bar In The Bronx 16.Fear And Death 17.Still And Again 18.Slow Run 19.Nuke Is Over 20.The Survivors 21.Riding Killers 22.The Templars 23.Scorpio 24.Alma The Amazon 25.One And The Gang 26.The Medium 27.Nadir And Genius 28.Bows And Catapults 29.Scorpio's Gang 30.Running To The Fight 31.Nuke Is Over (II Vers.) 32.Barbarian End

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