Brain Damage

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Brain Damage (1988, USA) is a Horror Comedy film directed by Frank Henenlotter.


Main Details

  • Released in January 1988 (Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival in France) | April 15, 1988 (New York)
  • Color
  • Running Time: Theatrical Cut: 84 min. Unrated Cut: 86 min.
  • Distribution Co: Palisades Entertainment | Ventura Distribution
  • Directed by Frank Henenlotter
  • Produced by Al Eicher, Andre Blay, Edgar Ievins
  • Written by Frank Henenlotter
  • Starring Rick Hearst, Jennifer Lowry, Gordon MacDonald
  • Music by Matthias Donnelly, Clutch Reiser, Gus Russo
  • Cinematography by Bruce Torbet
  • Edited by Frank Henenlotter, James Y. Kwei

Plot Summary

  • A boy (Rick Herbst) grows addicted to psychedelic jolts from an eel-like brain-eating monster called Elmer.


  • The movie that will blow your mind!
  • Inside everyone's head lurks an Elmer...
  • Heads up... Elmer's here!
  • A howlingly horrific celebration of urban angst, sicko splatter and mind blowing, drug induced experiences!
  • It's A Headache From Hell!
  • ...Now You're Really Losing Your Mind!
  • Hang onto your hats... Elmer's here!
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