Book of The Dead: The Complete History of Zombie Cinema

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One of cinema's most enduring monsters, the zombie has been terrifying audiences around the world for decades. Book of the Dead charts the ghoulish history of zombie cinema, from the creature's origins in Haitian voodoo to its cinematic debut in 1932's White Zombie, George A. Romero's quartet of 'Dead' movies (which includes the two acknowledged classics of the genre, Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead) and recent blockbuster hits like 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and Land of the Dead. Covering hundreds of movies from America, Europe and Asia, this exhaustive history chronicles the zombie's on-screen evolution from Caribbean bogeyman to flesh-eating corpse. Along the way, Book of the Dead takes in Bela Lugosi B-movies, Italian gore films, Asian zombies, British zombies, blind monk zombies, shot-on-video backyard epics and the videogame phenomenon of Resident Evil. Spanning seven decades of horror movie history with hundreds of stills - including an incredible 64 pages of blood-drenched full colour photos and rare international poster art - and an exhaustive filmography, Book of the Dead explains why we continue to be so fascinated with these fugitives from the undertaker. (Amazon)

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