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After brutally murdering a college co-ed one night with a pair of scissors, a facially scarred weirdo named Miguel (Alexander Waetcher) is sent to prison. Five years later he's released and brought home to live with his beautiful sister, Manuela (Nadja Gerganoff) and his old craggy aunt, Countess Maria (Maria Rubio). Miguel immediately begins spying on the sexy college co-eds who attend a local language school near his home. We also find out that Countess Maria owns much of the surrounding area, including the school. Soon, more girls begin turning up dead. They've been stabbed and mutilated in various ways; the highlight being the very gory stone cutter sequence featuring a fake head! It's gotta be Miguel up to his old tricks again...or is it?

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Bloody Moon, on one hand, is giallo-inspired (the various red herrings) but, because of the over-the-top, gory kill scenes, it would be considered more of a slasher film in the tradition of Halloween and Friday The 13th (just set in Spain). It's not particularly unique as a slasher (it's pretty formulaic) but being a fan of both gialli and slashers, I can say that it is entertaining enough and worth a watch. It's nicely directed and there are plenty of hot Euro babes to look at (my favorite being Manuela).


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