Blood for Dracula/BluRay

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  • Region A (4K: none)
  • Studio: Severin
  • Release date: October 26, 2021
  • scanned uncut in 4K from the original negative, presented on 4K UltraHD BluRay and regular BluRay
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Trans-Human Flesh and Blood – Interview with Director Paul Morrissey; Rubinia's Homecoming – Interview & Location Visit with Actress Stefania Casini; Blood For Udo – Interview with Actor Udo Kier; Little Big Joe – Interview with Actor Joe Dallesandro; Conversation with a Vampire – Audio Interview with Actress Milena Vukotic; Bloodthirsty – Interview with Assistant Director Paolo Pietrangeli; Black Cherry – Interview with Art Director Gianni Giovagnoni; The Blood of These Whores... – Interview with 'Murderous Passions' Author Stephen Thrower; Sad, Romantic Dracula – Interview with Soundtrack Composer Claudio Gizzi; The Roman Connection – Interview with Producer Andrew Braunsberg; Trailers; Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Composed, Orchestrated, and Conducted by Claudio Gizzi (on CD)
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