Blood From The Mummys Tomb/Fun Facts

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  • Director Seth Holt died before completing this film. It was finished by Michael Carreras.
  • The to-let sign outside the house occupied by the nefarious Corbeck bears the company name Neame and Skeggs, named for the film's production manager and production supervisor, Christopher Neame and Roy Skeggs, respectively.
  • The name of the character Tod Browning is an homage to the director of such horrors as Dracula (1931).
  • Michael Carreras directed at least five days, including the asylum scenes with George Coulouris.
  • Andrew Keir replaced Peter Cushing after one day's shooting
  • The UK cinema version was cut by the BBFC to remove a shot of George Coulouris being struck across the face by male nurse James Cossins as there was public concern about the treatment of mental patients at the time.
  • Peter Duffell and Gordon Hessler were asked to direct.
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