Black Tight Killers

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Black Tight Killers (1966, Japan) is a Spy Film film directed by Yasuharu Hasebe.

Main Details

  • Released in 1966 | Color
  • Running Time: 87 Min. (USA)
  • Production Co: Nikkatsu
  • Distribution Co: Cinépix Film Properties (CFP) (1968) (Canada) (as "Black Tight Killers") (subtitled) | Nikkatsu
  • Directed by Yasuharu Hasebe
  • Written by Ryuzo Nakanishi & Michio Tsuzuki
  • Starring Akemi Kita, Mieko Nishio, Bokuzen Hidari, Eiji Go, Akira Kobayashi, Chieko Matsubara
  • Original Music by Naozumi Yamamoto
  • Cinematography by Kazue Nagatsuka
  • Film Editing by Akira Suzuki

Also Known As

  • Don't Touch Me I'm Dangerous


  • Angels Are Devils | Girl Gangs Assaulting and Killing for Kicks!


Daisuke Honda, a war photographer in Vietnam, meets Yuriko Sawanouchi, a stewardess on his plane back to Japan. After drinking with her at a Tokyo bar, he becomes involved in saving Yuriko from assassination by stylish, female ninjas. When trying to rescue Yuriko from kidnappers, Daisuke discovers a group of foreigners are hunting for a WWII-era treasure hidden on an island by Yuriko's father. (Wikipedia)

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