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Staff-walking, Dashiki-wearing and lion-owning Samson (Rockne Tarkington) makes sure that not only is his popular night-club free of smack, but he also makes sure that his entire street doesn't succumb to the invading smack empire which is being enforced by Giovanni "Johnny" Nappa (William Smith) And that's all the plot really. The whole movie's just a struggle of righteous Samson beatin' up and shovin' out anyone who refuses Black Samson's law. So it's obvious that there isn't a whole lot to dwell on, but whenever my mind would wander off from the played-to-death storyline, the supporting performances of Carol Speed,William Smith and Michael Payne (With his crazy wide-eyed stare) would prevent me from being bored. But I must say, the movie loses a few points by not having Black Samson sic his lion (Named "Hoodoo") on any of the baddies. --Laydback

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