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Special Edition

  • Region 1
  • Studio: Critical Mass
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Digitally remastered | Two original scenes with new vocal track | The 12 Days of Christmas Documentary | Interviews with stars Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder | Midnight Screening Q & A session with John Saxon, Bob Clark and Carl Zittrer

Collector's Edition (OOP)

  • Region 1
  • Studio: Eclectic DVD/Critical Mass
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Animated Menus | Black Christmas Revisited Documentary (with hosts that co starred in the film, some comical scenes between them. They are like two kids joking around and remembering the shoot. Youll also get to meet the producers and actors from the film including Director Bob Clark, Actors Keir Dullea and John Saxon) | Audio Commentary tracks with Director Bill Clark and Actors John Saxon and Keir Dullea. | Original English and French Theatrical Trailers | Original TV and Radio spots. | Alternative Title sequences | Picture and Poster gallery | Dark Dreamers TV series episode with John Saxon | Reversable Cover Includes Original 1974 Artwork.
  • PICTURE: Presented in (1:85:1) Widescreen. A nice transfer, although its not crystal clear, its still a good looking picture that picks up alot of the incredible shadows and visuals created by Bob Clark and his crew.
  • SOUND: Dolby Digital 2.0, Mono, French Mono. The sound is excellent in the film. Lots of heavy breathing, screams and wait till you hear some of the obscene phone calls made by the mysterious killer. They are sure to make youre skin crawl!
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