Billy Jack/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Mundell Lowe




Coven (3) One Tin Soldier, The Legend Of Billy Jack A2. Mundell Lowe: Hello Billy Jack A3. Mundell Lowe: The Old And The New A4. Teresa Kelly: Johnnie A5. Teresa Kelly: Look, Look To The Mountain A6. Lynn Baker: When Will Billy Love Me A7. Gwen Smith Freedom Over Me A8. Mundell Lowe: All Forked Tongue Talk Alike A9. Mundell Lowe: The Challenge A10. Lynn Baker A Rainbow Made Of Children B1. Mundell Lowe: A Most Beautiful Day B2. Mundell Lowe: An Indian Dance B3. Mundell Lowe: The Ceremonial Dance B4. Mundell Lowe: A Flick Of The Wrist B5. Mundell Lowe: It's All She Left Me B6 –Mundell Lowe: You Shouldn't Do That B7. Katy Moffatt: The Ring Song B8. Mundell Lowe: Thy Loving Song B9 Mundell Lowe: Say Goodbye, Cause You're Leavin' B10. Mundell Lowe: I Think You Always Knew (The Theme From Billy Jack) B11 –Coven (3) One Tin Soldier, The Legend Of Billy Jack (End Title)

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