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  • Hong Kong pinky violence? More or less. A female factory worker (Chong Lee) gets molested by her lesbian colleague. She is saved by ’Fearless Ying’ (Chen Ping) who beats the attacker and rips her shirt. The victim and another girl (Shao Yin-Yin), both hugely impressed by Ying’s performance, hook up with their new role model and learn how to defend themselves from all kinds of perverts and other unfriendly persons. The film works best during the first half where the girls explain their tragic past in hilarious flashback sequences. It’s easily the more outrageous part. Of course the girls don’t get along in present day either, and it’s soon time to kick some gangster ass. And they do, but not quite as effectively as you’d hope. Very describing is Chen Kuan Tai’s participation in the final fight; it’s nice to see Big Brother Cheng back, but these girls ought to be able to take care of themselves without male help. A good try, and a fun movie, but they still have something to learn from the Japanese. --HungFist
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