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When it comes to the world of 1970s pornography there are some very well known films as the era of “porn chic” was ushered in. One of those films would have to be “Behind the Green Door” in 1972. It was released prior to the famed Deep Throat earlier the same year and was made on a budget of $60,000. It would go on to bring in over $25 million dollars and that’s including it release on video. At the time pornography was big business in the theater and this film along with “Deep Throat” is living, breathing proof of it.

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“Behind the Green Door” is mostly remembered because it was the first ever porn film that adult film legend Marilyn Chambers starred in. She was known prior to starring in adult films as a model for Ivory Soap. After the release of the film Proctor & Gamble actually recalled the products with her on them which actually helped the movie out in the buzz department. Obviously this was a big deal at the time unlike now when most celebrities will pose nude when they are in a compromising financial situation. But back in 1972 this was such a big deal that Proctor & Gamble spent a lot of money recalling those products just so they wouldn’t get their names tarnished by pornography.

The movie is very simple as it’s basically the story of Gloria who is kidnapped and taken to a theater in which there is a massive orgy going on. From there she is forced to partake in the activities going on in front of a watching audience. This will seem extremely odd to younger people, but there were actually theaters like this all over New York City in the 70s where people actually went to watch and partake in stuff just like in the movie. Its kind of hard to imagine something like that existing today huh?

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The real selling point of this movie when compared to other porn films is the fact that it’s pretty well made. Unlike something like “Deep Throat” this one actually has some very stylish camerawork and presentation considering this one doesn’t have the story (which Deep Throat proudly displays)that most of the “golden age” porn movies do. However you get some really stunning visuals to go along with the normal sexual activities that you would come to expect. The climax of the film (and of most of the gentleman involved in the copius amounts of on stage sex) is what stands out the most as it is used as the “grand finale” if you will. That’s when the crazy shots and stylish presentation come to their climax as well.

Bottom line is that “Behind the Green Door” isn’t for everyone, but it is for people that think porn is nothing but disgusting smut with no artistic merit whatsoever. It’s a wonderfully shot film and there is no doubt in my mind why we still talk about it today, much like “Deep Throat”. In both instances the film eclipsed the standard of what pornographic films were and also managed to skyrocket their stars into the mainstream. To me “Beyond the Green Door” is essential viewing for fans of old school porn or even grindhouse aficionados alike and a lot of that has to do with its relevance to this day.

Reviewed by Ed Demko

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