Behind Convent Walls

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Behind Convent Walls (1978, Italy) is a Nunsploitation film directed by Walerian Borowczyk.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1978
  • Color
  • Running Time: 95 Min.
  • Production Co: Lisa-Film | Trust International Films
  • Directed by Walerian Borowczyk
  • Written by Walerian Borowczyk, Stendhal
  • Starring Ligia Branice, Howard Ross, Marina Pierro, Gabriella Giacobbe, Loredana Martínez
  • Produced by Giuseppe Vezzani
  • Original Music by Sergio Montori
  • Cinematography by Luciano Tovoli
  • Film Editing by Walerian Borowczyk

Also Known As

  • T'Apokryfa enos monastiriou (Greece)
  • Freiras Perversas (Portugal)
  • Intérieur d'un couvent (France)
  • Interior de un convento (Spain)
  • Salainen puutarha (Finland)
  • Sex Life in a Convent
  • Unmoralische Novizinnen (Germany)
  • Within a Cloister (USA) (video title)


A zealous, handsome priest, who is the confessor for a convent full of women, encourages the equally zealous abbess of the institution to enforce strict rules on these unfortunate women. At the same time, a particularly disturbed nun manages to poison herself and many of the other novitiates in yet another scandal which is covered up by church authorities. (TMdB)

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