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Bedlam (1946, USA) is a Horror-Drama film directed by Mark Robson.


Main Details

  • Released on May 10, 1946
  • B&W
  • Running time: 79 minutes
  • Production and Distribution Co.: RKO Radio Pictures
  • Directed by Mark Robson
  • Written by William Hogarth, Val Lewton, Mark Robson
  • Starring: Boris Karloff, Anna Lee, Billy House

Plot Summary

  • Nell Bowen, the protégé of Lord Mortimer, wants to help change the conditions of notorious St. Mary's of Bethlehem Asylum (Bedlam). Though she tries to reform Bedlam, but the cruel Master Sims who runs it has her committed there, though ultimate, it's the lunatics who've taken over the asylum.


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